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Welcome University of Arkansas System Health Plan Members

UMR, a UnitedHealthcare Company, wants to help you get the most out of your health plan. We know when you have the right information and people to support you, good things happen. You stay healthier and you will likely spend less too. Working with UMR, you’ll have many helpful tools to use whenever you need them.  If you have not created a member account yet, please visit https://member-fhs.umr.com to self-register.

Before accessing any provider information, please note the following providers are not included in the University of Arkansas System provider network. The providers below may appear in the directory, but are not part of the University of Arkansas System provider network.

For urgent and emergency services, go to the facility nearest to you.

The following are EXCLUDED:
Facility Arkansas Heart Hospital
Facility Baptist, Little Rock
Facility Baptist, North Little Rock
Facility Baptist Breast Center
Facility Baptist Extended Care Hospital
Facility Baptist Imaging Center
Click on the link below to search for a provider.
Remember to take into consideration the above EXCLUDED entities when searching.

University of Arkansas System Provider Network

If you need to search for a provider outside the State of Arkansas, please use this link:
UnitedHealthcare Options PPO Network

Behavioral Health 
To view an online directory of UnitedHealthcare Behavioral Health providers*:
»  Click

*UHC Behavioral Health Providers
It is not necessary to login to "Live and Work Well" to view the directory, however please be sure to check your member ID card for eligibility verification instructions.

Nurseline is available 24/7 by calling 1-866-494-4502 PIN 197


Medical Guidelines     
Access United Healthcare's Medical & Drug Policies and Coverage Determination Guidelines

Refer Your Provider
You’ll save money on your covered health care expenses when your doctor or other health care provider is in-network. If your current provider isn’t part of the UAS or UnitedHealthcare network, you can help him or her become a participating provider. All you need to do is give your provider information about how to apply to the network and he or she can take it from there.  Learn more
Need to talk to someone?  Just pick up the phone!
For assistance with making a selection, please call 1-888-438-6105.  Together we offer you more to keep you healthier and help you spend less.


Pharmacy Benefit Manager 
Health and Wellness Plan Administrator  







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