Welcome MCHCP Members!

The UMR Health Plan Cost Estimator can help you plan ahead for health care costs and can help you make coverage choices that will meet your family’s needs effectively and affordably.

Create customized family health profiles.

First, enter the name, age, sex and location of everyone who will be covered under your plan. Then add information about their health status and any treatments or medications they’re receiving. You can select basic descriptions like “generally well“, “some health needs” or “ significant health needs”. You can also include specific conditions like asthma, cancer, diabetes, pregnancy and more.

Estimate the services you’ll need.

The Health Plan Cost Estimator then gives you an estimate of your family’s healthcare needs for the coming year – doctor visits, prescriptions and more – based on people like you in your region. You can adjust this estimate to reflect your family’s typical healthcare use and any additional services you plan for the year.

Estimate out-of-pocket expenses.

The Health Plan Cost Estimatore will help you compare the out-of-pocket expenses you can anticipate under different benefit plans. Additionally, it will help you understand the value of funding a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA). Finally, the Health Plan Cost Estimator will help you see the tax advantage of specific types of healthcare accounts, so you can make more informed and cost-effective decisions.

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