Making managing health benefits easier with better technology
Expanded additional benefits details on
Member site enhancement  |  Launch: mid-March

We’ve enhanced the additional benefits details section of Members can now find quick, comprehensive, up-to-date information about:
  • What types of benefits are available with their plan
  • How much money and/or how many visits they are allotted with their plan
  • How much money they’ve spent or how many visits they’ve used to date

The expanded list of benefits in the drop down menu includes these new items:
  • Diabetes
  • Home health care
  • Hospital services
  • Hospice
  • Maternity
  • Morbid obesity treatment
  • Radiation and chemotherapy
  • Vision

Members can now turn to for quick answers to common coverage questions such as:

  1. Routine wellness: “My child needs a check-up and I can’t remember if our plan covers an annual physical, and if so, whether we’ve used that benefit this year.”
  2. Outpatient procedures: “My doctor told me I need to get an MRI. Does my plan cover this procedure, and if so, what’s the maximum I can spend?”
  3. Special services: “I had an accident and need to see a chiropractor and a physical therapist. Am I covered, and how many visits am I allowed per year for each of these?”

The additional benefits information will also be accessible within the Provider, Employer/Producer/Partner and Admin portals (assuming the user has appropriate member-level access).

Redesigned member homepage benefits “snapshot”
Member site enhancement  |  Launch: 2/14/2019

We’ve refreshed the design of the personalized member homepage to give more at-a-glance information about important benefit details including group number, member ID and plans. This snapshot also shows members exactly where they stand with individual and family deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. They can also easily view plan documents and edit their personal information.

Two new “My taskbar” items on member homepage
Member site enhancement  |  Launch: 2/14/2019

We’ve added two new items to the My taskbar feature on for members who have the Health and Wellness, Disease Management or Live Well Reward$ programs. This upgrade makes it easier than ever for members to find all their health and wellness activities in one spot. Check out the member homepage for these exciting additions to the My taskbar:
  1. Take/finish CHRA
  2. This new item is dynamic, based on the member’s actions:
    • The “Take/finish CHRA” My taskbar item will only show up if the member needs to complete a CHRA.
    • Once they’ve finished their CHRA, it will show up as complete in the taskbar.
    • When the CHRA period is closed, they will not see the CHRA taskbar item.
  3. Check wellness activities
    This new item automatically resets every seven days and prompts members to stay engaged with their health and wellness activities such as signing up for a challenge, taking action plans, or reporting and tracking health events.

More information in medical claims details area of
Member site enhancement  |  Launch: 2/14/2019

Members can now visit the claims detail screen to see if a medical claim was processed at an in- or out-of-network level and the cost associated with it. This feature offers more transparency for members and helps them better understand their claims.

New “MyTaskbar” makes benefits management easy
Member site enhancement  |  Launch: 10/22/2018

We’ve added a brand-new feature to the homepage called “My taskbar.” The member homepage now includes a personalized to-do list that highlights the most important tasks the member needs to complete based on their company’s health benefits plan and programs the member is eligible for.
The “My Taskbar” will prompt members to take action in three primary areas:
  • Managing their account on
  • Reviewing claims and benefits
  • Completing health and wellness activities (coming November 30)

Personalized for each member
This customized, dynamic feature will only alert members to tasks they need to complete. When they’ve completed a task, a “check mark” will appear. The taskbar will update with new items when actions are required or new information is available. Members will never be prompted to take actions they’ve already finished or that do not apply to their plan.

Here’s how it works
Say a member has a new claim posted to that they need to review. When they log on to, they’ll see “MyTaskbar.” On the taskbar, they’ll see an icon with a red exclamation point indicating that they have a claim to view, or in some cases, take action on. When they click on the icon, they’ll automatically jump to the Claims page. Once they’ve completed their review, or any necessary actions on that page, the item on their taskbar will be marked complete.

We’ll be adding more actions to the taskbar in the coming year as part of our ongoing site enhancement projects.

Viewing claims and benefits on just got easier
Member site enhancement  |  Launch: 8/24/2018

We’ve updated the claims and benefits interfaces to make it easier for your members to get the information they need. Beginning August 24, members will find more intuitive at-a-glance and in-depth views of their information. Here’s what’s new:

Redesigned Claims summary view provides more details
Members now have access to more detailed information when using the claims summary screen on We’ve also updated the user interface to alert the member when action is needed on a claim.
New features include:

  • An improved user interface that organizes information more clearly, making it easier for the member to read
  • More noticeable details regarding claim status, with prompts to take action on pending claims (e.g., provide other medical insurance or accident details)
  • An easy-to-find “View claim details” link
  • An easy-to-find “View EOB” link from the claim details page
  • Automatic pagination displaying up to 10 claims per page
  • The ability to search by a specific date range
  • More prominent year-to-date totals

Claims details are now more prominent and easier to view. If a claim is pending because a member needs to take action (e.g., provide other medical insurance or accident details), a red “Action needed” link will grab their attention.

New Benefits screen makes finding information easier
We’ve updated the Benefits section on to make it easier for members to find and understand specific benefit details. They will see the changes on both desktop and mobile devices. Changes to the member experience include:
  • A redesigned accumulator section, allowing members to quickly view applicable maximums and deductibles. The new design clearly indicates the dollar amount that has been applied as well as the dollar amount remaining to meet the maximum or deductible.
  • The addition of a drop-down menu to allow the member to select the specific benefit information they are looking for. Previously, all benefit information was presented in one screen, forcing the member to read a significant amount of content in order to find exactly what they needed. Now, members can select the information they would like to see, and they’ll only see choices that apply to their benefits.
  • Updated language to explain the benefits and how benefits have been applied to services/treatments the member has received.
  • A button to view the summary plan description and Schedule of benefits (if applicable) from the benefits screen. If a member has additional benefits questions after reviewing the benefit drop-down section, they can quickly refer to their plan documents for more information.
  • User interface improvements that comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (e.g., clearer visuals and wording, better ordering of items).
Look for more exciting enhancements to the benefits section later this year!

A new drop-down menu allows the member to select the specific benefits information they are looking for. Updated language explains the benefits and how benefits have been applied to services/treatments the member has received. For example, a member’s benefits may include 60 therapy visits or up to $500 in coverage each year. If the member has not received any therapy visits, the portal will indicate 0 out of those 60 visits have been applied, and $0 of that $500 has been used.

New registration and login features
Member site enhancement  |  Launch: 6/29/2018

Registering and logging in to has never been easier, thanks to an improved user interface. We’ve added more features and built-in prompts to help members navigate the registration and login process. Here are the highlights:

In-line username and password verification
When creating a new account, in-line verification eliminates the frustration of submitting the form multiple times if a password or username doesn’t meet security standards. Now members can easily tell if their information fulfills the requirements as they’re typing it.

Email password retrieval
In addition, if a member forgets their password, they can now receive an email to reset it. And if the account becomes disabled because the member locked themselves out or forgot their security questions, the user can re-enable it via email instead of creating a brand new account, as previously required.

Mobile registration
We’ve also developed a mobile-optimized registration experience that allows members to register via a mobile device (previously, registration was only available on the desktop version of the site).

We’ve provided more ways to walk your members through the registration process. For example, when a member creates a new account and is asked for a secure password, in-line verification now lets them know if it meets the security requirements in real time.

Summary View updates provide "super view" of member accounts
Employer site enhancement  |  Launch: 6/29/2018

Accessing member information is more comprehensive than ever on We’ve doubled the number of options available in the Employer Summary View so employer users can truly create their own robust custom view of members’ account details.

Current features
Summary View allows employers to see their members’ claims and benefits information at-a-glance. Without switching screens, Summary View currently lets them see:

  • Coverage summary
  • Medical benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Claims status
  • Providers

Eight new features
Now it’s even easier to get a complete at-a-glance view of those members. Starting June 29, employer users also will be able to see:

  • The last five medical or dental claims active for an employee
  • Recent pharmacy claim activity
  • Information on flexible spending account claims
  • Health reimbursement account balances
  • A link to plan documents
  • A current year front and back view of the employee’s ID card
  • Case management case inquiry information
  • Accident details and other insurance transactions/submissions
Employers can still customize their view, save it and dive deeper into any details in any section.

The current Summary View gives a high-level view of members’ accounts.

With the new Summary View options, employers can take a deeper dive into vital member information.

2018 updates: evolving to better meet user needs
Overall site enhancement  |  Launch: 4/1/2018

Just as technology evolves so do our tools and processes here at UMR, to continue to deliver top-notch service to our customers. Expect to see changes to in 2018 – big and small – that will enhance the overall user experience.

In our ongoing effort to keep you in-the-know, we’re rolling out the first in a series of updates for 2018. This regulatory change applies to all applicable member, provider, producer, employer and partner users, and strengthens the security of

Security questions needed
Beginning the night of March 29, all users who log in to directly will need to establish two security questions (if they have not already). Employer, producer and partner users may be asked to update their security questions. Once a user establishes security questions, they will need to answer the questions the next time they log in to

If a user previously established security questions, they will need to answer these security questions the first time they log in after March 29.

Keeping security our top priority
At the time the user answers their security questions, they will have the option to check a box to “Remember this device.” That way, for any future logins from the same device, our system will remember their IP address and skip the step asking the user to answer the security questions.

Many of our users already have established security questions, but will need to answer them at least once after March 29. They will also need to answer the questions if they switch to a different device or a different browser (i.e., from Internet Explorer to Firefox, Chrome or another browser).

This initiative is part of our continued effort to provide the best possible protection to all UMR users.

Accessibility enhancements to – Improving the experience for every user
Overall site enhancement  |  Launch: 12/4/2017

At UMR, we’re on a mission to improve Web accessibility for all users. We understand the critical role accessibility plays in communicating information to our members, and we’re committed to evolving our website accessibility for each and every user’s needs.

What is website accessibility?
In a nutshell, “Web accessibility” is an inclusive term meaning that everyone can access the Web. According to the WC3, the governing body of web requirements, this includes users with different abilities, changing abilities and disabilities to “understand, navigate, and interact with the Web.”

Just as different users use with different goals in mind, it’s important to remember that various users also have numerous ways of accessing the site and its content.

Improved accessibility: What’s different?
Our cross-functional team at UMR works to continually improve and update functionality for greater accessibility.

Here are some of our recent advancements in this area:

    • Providing unique page titles for all pages within This makes our website more accessible to users using a screen reader or those who need more information when navigating our site.

    Adding alternative text to all images within This also makes our website more accessible to users using a screen reader or those who cannot see the images used on our site.

    Enhancing contrast for better readability across We revised the colors used on – from darkening to lightening, based on need – to promote greater contrast. For example, using white text on our standard UMR-green does not provide sufficient contrast, making it difficult for some users to read the text on a button. Similarly, we had to use a darker teal on our headers/titles so that there was sufficient contrast between that and the light background of the page.

New and improved Health Education Library
Member site enhancement  |  Launch: 11/17/2017

Building on recent UMR online updates, we’ve refreshed the Health Education Library for a more intuitive, integrated approach to the member experience.

Members can focus on what matters most: making informed health care decisions with a smart, integrated tool at their fingertips.

Trusted health content – more accessible than ever before
You’ll discover the same trusted articles, illustrations, care guides and more at our public website – and without the extra step of logging into the member portal. It’s greater access to the Health Education Library’s extensive resources, and with more freedom and flexibility.

Health Navigator upgrade
Along with overall usability and access improvements, we’ve also enhanced the interactive Health Navigator tool. With the entire library redesign and full integration into the portal, the Health Navigator continues to assist members with their most immediate ailments, health questions and concerns. It’s the go-to tool for quick answers to the everyday ache or pain, and now it’s even more effective.

New and improved, with the member in mind We’re confident that the library updates will enrich every user’s experience, from the first click to the last. You’ll find this comprehensive online resource reimagined for ease and accessibility, and to better support every member on their individual wellness journey.

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