Vision benefits

A vision plan from UMR makes it easy to maintain good sight and healthy eyes, and save money while you’re at it. Because UMR provides both medical and vision benefits, we understand how the health of one part of your body affects the health of the rest of your body. We’re not just focusing on your eye health. We’re connecting the dots to help you understand and improve your overall health.


With UMR the savings are easy to see
You may be able to save up to 70% on your eye care needs.


Access to a national network of providers

This includes optometrists and ophthalmologists as well as the choice of either a private practice or retail setting.


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Coverage for eye exams

When visiting a network provider you get a comprehensive eye examination from a state-licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist. Should a disease or eye disorder be found, you may be referred to your health plan for medical eye coverage.



Coverage for eyeglasses or contacts


  • Eye glasses: Vision plans provide an allowance that is applied to the cost of your frames. This allowance covers in full, after your co-payment, many of the most popular frames on the market today.


  • Contacts:  If you choose contact lenses instead of eyeglasses, UMR covers the fitting and evaluation fees, contact lenses (including disposables) and up to two follow-up visits with your eye doctor. Some of the most popular contact lenses are included in our covered-in-full section, but if you choose contacts that are not covered in full, you will get an allowance toward the purchase price and we waive the co-payment. Order your contacts online and save money. Visit for a simple and fast way to place your order.



20% to 40$ discounts on popular lens options

Popular lens options, like progressive lenses, tints, anti-reflective coating and more, if not covered by your plan, are available at discounts of up to 40%. Standard scratch-resistant coating is included at no charge. A plan also includes a 20% discount on any additional pairs of eyeglasses, including prescription sunglasses at participating locations.


Note: Not available in all states.



Discounts and pricing

You will have access to discounts on laser vision correction procedures and preferred pricing on premium hearing aids.


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Vision benefits may not be available from UMR through your employer. Please visit the Mercer Marketplace to learn more about the plans and benefits that your employer is making available to you.